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  2018 Winners
Male: Mike Orsini
Fem: Louise Dalphond
Male: Danny Robdrup
Fem:Becky Smith
Super Sprint
Male: Kurtis Pratt
Fem: Sasha Elliot
Male: Luke Low
Fem: Kiah Wendorff
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Raymonds beautiful pool is 25 meters long and we will be swimming two people in a lane, (as one person finishes in a lane the next athlete will be directed to enter the pool to begin their swim.) If needed, lockers, which require 25 cent tokens, are available in the changing rooms. Check in with race marshall immediately following your transition setup. Relax and enjoy the swim. You can take as long as you need to finish. Some racers wear their swimming attire for the whole race. If you prefer to change you can do so in the changing room. Just remember that this counts as part of the race time.

Swim – Bike Transition

The pool to transition distance is about 25 meters partly on the pool deck and onto the street. Most competitors run in bare feet to the transition area. There are to be no people other than competitors in the transition area so please ask your family and friends to cheer you on from a distance. (The exception being that a parent can assist a small child in the transition area).
Do not mount your bike until you are out of the transition area. Your helmet must be on and fastened before your bike comes off the rack.

Bike Course

The bike route will head north from the transition area to Highway 52 (Fas Gas corner) and turn west to Highway 844, then head south until the appropriate turn around distance is reached. The bike route is an out and back ride.The sprint distance features a significant hill, and the olympic distance has two significant hills. The route which goes south of Raymond towards the Milk River Ridge is very picturesque with beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains to the west, the ridge to the south, and Ridge Reservoir to the east. The course is mainly a gently incline on the way out which makes for a fun fast ride back. Caution should be taken on the down hills so make sure that your brakes are working. The highways being used are paved with a good shoulder for riding.
**The kids bike route will not go on Highway 52 or 844 but will follow the run route.

Bike/Run Transition

You must get off your bike before entering the transition area and your helmet must remain on until your bike is racked.


The run route will head out of the transition area along the same route as the bikes. Where the bikers turn left and split off from the runners at the Highway 52 corner (Fas Gas) the runners keep heading north on 200 W street towards Temple Hill Motor Cross. The run is an out and back route. Each turnaround distance will be marked and manned with a volunteer and water station.


The finish will be back in front of the transition area.
Congratulations!! Please join us in the atrium of the high school for refreshments which will again feature our Famous Raymond Cream Buns. Remember, only race participants are invited to eat. A special thanks to the Raymond Chamber of Commerce for their assistance with the food.


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